The Western Kentucky University Department of Agriculture is partnering with United Soils and I.F.A.R.M. through USI Smart, to bring unique educational opportunities to WKU Agronomy and Soil Science students.  As part of this partnership United Soils Kentucky employees will work with WKU soil fertility, crop production, and agricultural GIS classes each year to demonstrate the skills needed to enter the precision agricultural work place.

Each year, WKU students will be trained by United Soils Inc. soil sampling professionals at the WKU Farm in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Students will learn about soil sampling, correct soil sampling techniques, GPS/GIS equipment operations, and how to collect geo-referenced grid soil samples.  After being trained, WKU students will collect geo-referenced grid soil samples from the fields at the WKU farm.  These soil samples will be analyzed by United Soils and the data from the soil samples collected by the students, will be used by the WKU classes and to make decisions for the university farm.

Western Kentucky University is also participating in the USI Smart, “I.F.A.R.M. in the Classroom” program.  This program allows the students to utilize the “Geo-referenced Soil test Data” that they collected to be used in their soil fertility classes to create opportunities for these same WKU students to apply agronomic knowledge to real world scenarios, be introduced to Precision Agriculture farm and data management software (I.F.A.R.M.), and to learn how to evaluate and make nutrient management plans and decisions from an agronomic perspective.

Students; who have worked with the USI Smart program, are better equipped to enter the workplace as farmers, consultants, farm managers, fertilizer specialists and agronomic professionals.

To learn more about the partnership between USI Smart and Western Kentucky University please email USI Smart.


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